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To My Fellow Cameraman

In 1995 I realized that filming wild game had become a passion of mine. I began like most of you, saving up money from my "real job" to buy my first camera. I started filming my buddies duck hunting, deer hunting, and turkey hunting on days off from work. And, that is where I learned some very basic, but very important things that helped me prepare for what was to come.

I struggled for a few years but eventually, with a supportive wife and an unbelievable amount of volunteer work, I broke into the Outdoor Television field with a long running Television Series on The Outdoor Channel and actually began to get paid for what I did. Man, I really thought that I had arrived! But I quickly found out that for us Cameramen sometimes things change and work isn't always plentiful. After numerous freelance gigs, and thousands of miles and states later, I was convinced by colleagues and piers to start my own production company. It was the year 2008. Now, over 17 years later I get to live out my passion for the Outdoors on a daily basis as owner of my own Television Production Company, Road Dawg Media, Inc.

Over the last several years I have received hundreds of calls from many Producers in our industry constantly searching for Cameramen to book for their Television Shows. It wasn't long before I realized that there was a need for a service that helped Producers find the Cameramen they needed. The idea for was born. It was the year 2010.

I've been through many trials and efforts to get where I currently stand in our industry, and everything I have learned over the last two decades have led to the creation of We are constantly in contact with Producers, Companies, and Individuals all across our industry who are in need of Cameramen, and it is our goal to funnel them directly to our members.

Joining is a great way to help you get noticed and find gigs, so that you can pursue your passion, just as I did mine!

David R. Weldon
Owner -