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At we provide the opportunity for Freelance Cameramen to be included in a world wide community that allows you to highlight your skills and experience in an online resume. Your online resume at is a way to get your name in front of clients that may have never known you were in existence. At just $99 a year for membership, you receive the benefits of showcasing your capabilities and creativity to potential clients seeking services in either Video or Photo Freelancers. This is the perfect way to help find gigs or just help fill some gaps in your schedule. There are no additional fees or commissions for Cameramen outside the $99 yearly membership. Your first day booked will reward you with a return on your investment! Join now and let help you find your next gig!

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Producers is the ultimate source to help Producers find Freelance Cameramen. Our goal is to provide a world wide network making it quick and easy to find and schedule a Cameraman. Varying levels of expertise and pricing is available, from limited experience Cameramen to seasoned Field Producers. Our site provides you the ability to easily access and choose the right professional to meet your needs, and your budget. Even in short notice situations, our services will allow you to find qualified professionals in a hurry. Whether filming for Television, Commercials, Promotional Video, or Personal use, we provide the tool necessary for you to get your projects staffed. This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE to anyone looking to find and book a Freelance Cameraman!

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